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A new species of Cyclogomphus Selys, 1854 (Insecta: Odonata: Gomphidae) from the Western Ghats, India with comments on the status of Cyclogomphus vesiculosus Selys, 1873

A new species of Cyclogomphus Selys, 1854 is described from the Western Ghats of India based on male and femalespecimens collected from Goa and Kerala states. The new species differs from all the known species of Cyclogomphus inthe shape of the anal appendages as well as the thoracic and abdominal markings.

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Current distribution of Nilgiri grass yellow Eurema nilgiriensis Yata (Lepidoptera: Pieridae), with an updated taxonomic key to Eurema of Western Ghats, India

Eurema nilgiriensis Yata, 1990, the Nilgiri grass yellow, was described from Nilgiris in southern India. There are not many published records of this species since its original description,and it was presumed to be a high-elevation endemic species restricted to its type locality. Based onthe external morphology (wing patterns) as well as the male genitalia, the first confirmed records of the species from Agasthyamalais and Kodagu in the southern Western Ghats, is provided here.

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Butterflies of the myristica swamp forests of Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary in the southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India

Myristca swamps are unique freshwater swamp forests characterised by predominance of tree species of the Myristcaceae family. There have been few published works on the fora and fauna of myristca swamps but studies on buterfies have been scanty.This work was done in the myristca swamps of Katlapara in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary, Kollam district, Kerala, located in the northern aspect of the Agasthyamalai Hills of the southern Western Ghats.

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Larval host plants of the butterflies of the Western Ghats, India

We present a systematc, updated checklist of larval host plants of the buterfies of the Western Ghats, a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot. This includes recent new records, with a total of approximately 834 plant species/groups belonging to 88 families that are used by 320 buterfy species of the Western Ghats (the host plant records for 16 species are unknown).

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A new species of fan-throated lizard of the genus Sitana Cuvier,1829 from coastal Kerala, Southern India

We here describe Sitana attenboroughii sp. nov., a new species of fan-throated lizard of the genus Sitana Cuvier, 1829 from coastal Kerala in southern India. The new species morphologically is closer to Sitana visiri Deepak, 2016 (in Deepak et al. 2016a), however, differs in having higher numbers of ventral scales and a comparatively short but richly colored dewlap.

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A new species of Tyrannomyrmex Fernandez 2003 (Formicidae, Myrmicinae, Solenopsidini) from Westernghats,Kerala,India

A new species of Tyrannomyrmex (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), T. alii sp. nov., is described from the Western Ghats of Kerala State in southern India. This new species can be distinguished from other Tyrannomyrmex species using morpho- logical characters, from T.dux by the petiolar shape, and from T. legatus and T.rex by surface sculpture and pilosity.

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Diversity and abundance of butterflies of Kerala University Campus, Kariavattom Thiruvananthapuram

The present study reflects the richness and diversity of butterflies at Kariavattom Campus. This study reported 105 species of butterflies from four study sites. The highest number of butterflies was recorded belonging to the Nymphalidae (40 species), followed by Lycaenidae (23 species), Hesperiidae (18 species), Pieridae (13 species) and Papilionidae (11 species). This study revealed that Nymphalidae was most dominating family with a highest number of species and individuals.

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The study of butterflies is incomplete without the documentation of their larval host plants. The earlier works in this realm were by Bell (1909–1927), Wynter-Blyth (1957), and Sevastopulo (1973), who wrote on the host plants of Indian Lepidoptera (Kalesh and Prakash 2007). After a gap of many years, works by Kunte (2000, 2006), and Kalesh and Prakash (2007) are adding new information on site-specific host plants, which is of tremendous importance for the conservation of butterflies of the Western Ghats.

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A new species of damselfly, Protosticta ponmudiensis (Odonata: Zygoptera: Platystictidae) from Ponmudi Hills in the Western Ghats of India

The genus Protostcta Selys, 1885 has 10 species reported from the Indian region, of which seven are known from the Western Ghats. Here we report a new species, Protostcta ponmudiensis from the Ponmudi Hills, Thiruvanantha- puram District, Kerala, in the Agasthyamalai region of the southern Western Ghats.

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A note on the butterfly diversity of Zoological Gardens, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Zoological gardens can be effective conservation reserves for regional biodiversity. The campus of Thiruvananthapuram Zoological Garden provides ample space and habitat for survival of a good number of Lepidopteran species including endemics. This study is aimed at elucidating a checklist of butterfies of the Zoo campus. A total of 92 species were recorded which included 3 species endemic to the Western Ghats.

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Reared parasitic wasps attacking hesperiids from Western Ghats (Kerala, India) with description of a new species of Dolichogenidea (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) as a larval parasitoid of Thoressa evershedi(Evans) (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)

Eight species of parasitic wasps were bred from various stages of five species of hesperiids viz. Thoressa evershedi (Evans), Pelopidas mathias (Fabricius), Udaspes folus (Cramer), Borbo cinnara (Wallace) and Caltoris sp. inhabiting Western Ghats, Kerala, India. One new species, Dolichogenidea kunhi Gupta & Kalesh, is described and illustrated from Kerala, India, and its relationship with closely allied species is discussed.

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Nine new species of frogs of the genus Raorchestes (Amphibia: Anura: Rhacophoridae) from southern Western Ghats, India.

Nine new species of frogs of the genus Raorchestes are described from the hill ranges of southern Western Ghats. Four species are described from Bonacaud estate, Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala; two from Kadalar estate, Idukki, Kerala; one from Gavi, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala; one from Ooty, Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu and one from Naduvattam, Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu.

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Updated checklist of butterflies of kerala with their malayalam names

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The faunal diversity of Achankovil Reserve Forests: A priliminary study

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A new report of Cephrenes acalle Hopffer (Lepidoptera,Hesperiidae) from southern Westernghats

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Early stages of the Travancore Evening Brown Parantirrhoea marshalli Wood-Mason (Satyrinae, Nymphalidae, Lepidoptera), an endemic butterfly from the southern Westernghats, India

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Butterfly fauna of Ashambu hills of southern Westernghats of Kerala

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Additions to larval host plants of butterflies of the Westernghats,Kerala,South India (Rhopalocera,Lepidoptera): Part 1

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